Staying Safe in a Guest House

  • Disinfect your room

While the hotel would have done a thorough cleaning prior to your arrival, it does it harm not to do a bit more just for your peace of mind. Disinfect high-touch surfaces (e.g. doorknobs and light switches) and wash your hands afterwards.

  • Increase ventilation

Embrace fresh air outdoors. Open all windows and doors if it is safe to do so, and try to let fresh air circulate through your room if possible.

  • opt for fewer cleaning tasks

The risk of contracting the virus from cleaning staff is minimal if they wear a mask and follow the protocol, but you can also ask to cancel completely on housekeeping or drop supplies and clean towels outside the door if needed.
Choose the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible
Any closed ones Space is riskier, so if you can use the stairs or don't use other elevators. Also bring your own luggage to Hotel

  • Always wear your mask properly

Yes, that means covering your nose and mouth, none of it under your nose. It's tantamount to not wearing a mask at all.
Pack extra masks for backup if your originals are in the wash.
Consider requesting a room, which has no status busy for a few days
Of course, this is not always possible. But if it gives you more security, it's worth asking.
Of course, the hotel would have been thoroughly disinfected between guests as well.

You can expect this from your accommodation facility:

• Temperature scanners upon entry to the facility and mandatory use of hand sanitizer.
• Many hotels have eliminated shared paperwork in the room.
• Reduced buffet style meals.
• You will be asked to complete and sign a health questionnaire.
• Staff wearing personal protective equipment.
• Social distancing in public areas, including dining rooms.
• Guests may opt for room service if they are more comfortable with it.
• Kitchens and other facilities may close earlier.

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